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MLB Toronto Blue Jays

A Thank You To Toronto Blue Jays Catcher JP Arencibia

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

There have been many instances where professional baseball players shy away from signing with the Toronto Blue Jays because of reservations about playing in another country. Whether it is ignorance or consider it to cumbersome due to the border, currency and travel arrangements we will never know. However there is one current Toronto player who has embraced Canada like it was his home and native land.

Blue Jays catcher J.P Arencibia is a native of Miami but has adopted Canada like no other athlete of recent memory and could probably run for Prime Minister of this fine country and garner more votes than some political figures.

Arencibia has been nothing but a class act since joining the Blue Jays in 2010 with his storied debut where he won the hearts of Blue Jays fans going 4 for 5 with 2 homers in his first game.

Since then Arencibia has volunteered, donated and made himself available to fans and the less fortunate whenever conceivably possible. J.P. has been a part of the Blue Jays winter caravan touring parts of Canada year in and year out, visited sick children in hospitals throughout the country and fell in love with Canada’s game on ice.

However he most recently befriended a Blue Jays fan on Twitter who suffers from Asperger’s disease and has been bullied his entire life. Arencibia touched base with the male and is providing the fan with 2 tickets to opening day tweeting this to him “Got 2 tickets for u! The bullies can watch it from home, you won’t have to!”

The continuous gestures and genuine sincerity J.P possesses have gone a long way for the fans of this great nation. In today’s society role models like you don’t come around every day and we are proud you are a Toronto Blue Jay. On behalf of every Toronto Blue Jays fan I just wanted to say thank you.

Clayton Richer covers the Toronto Blue Jays for Rant Sports, follow and interact with him on Twitter @MLBHotCorner