Chicago Cubs Ticket Prices Need to Come Down

By Korey Beckett
Wrigley Field Chicago Cubs
David Banks-US Presswire

Over the past few years, the Chicago Cubs amount of losses have skyrocketed, and the ticket prices haven’t been too far behind, either. Sure, you can go to a game for $9. But it has to be in the middle of the week at the beginning of the season. And you have to sit behind an iron pillar in the faraway corner of the upper deck.

Or, if you want to see a rivalry game during the weekend in the middle of Summer when you can take the kids, a four-pack of tickets is going to run you $320 for decent seats in the infield terrace. Oh, wait, I forgot about the 12 percent “convenience” fee, which will jack up the price to a mind blowing total of $358.40. So if your budget was $360 for the afternoon, don’t plan on drinking. Or eating. Or taking any form of transportation other than walking to the park.

It seems ridiculous that the team is making the fans fund a higher payroll, but not actually shelling out money for superior on-field talent. Did you notice the picture above? I don’t blame people for not going. Who wants to see “stars” like David DeJesus on a losing team in crappy Chicago weather in the later parts of September?

It all started when they realized the bleachers were a cash cow and that the casual fan would shell out big bucks to go party in the outfield for three hours and, during the big games, they still show up. However, for those games that are supposed to be economically sound for the fans, there’s no reason to take the train in from South Bend or Gary if the team is going to try harder to lure you in. It’s either time to lower ticket prices or bolster the team with some actual talent, because right now, it’s going in the wrong direction.

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