Chicago Cubs Wrong to Rule Out Celebs for 7th Inning Stretch

By Korey Beckett
Michael Madsen Chicago Cubs
Jerry Lai-US Presswire

Ever since beloved Chicago Cubs broadcaster Harry Caray passed away, the team has been inviting celebrities to sing “Take me out to the ballgame” during the 7th Inning Stretch at historic Wrigley Field. Today, though, the Cubs announced that they would tweak the rules to have mainly local celebrities render the Northsiders anthem so it doesn’t get butchered by the likes of Jeff Gordon or Denise Richards.

“I think the last couple of years we had gotten away to a couple of people who weren’t tied to Chicago,” said Jim Oboikowitch, the Cubs in-game programming director. But what’s the problem? The fans are happy to sing along regardless of who is in the booth, so why not keep letting A-listers perform, and butcher, the song? Not only does it get the Cubs mentioned on television through multiple outlets, but gives everyone something to laugh at in what is otherwise a dismal team to watch.

Granted, having a reality “star” come in and wreck the song is one thing, that will just upset everyone, but if someone like Ozzy Osbourne wants to do his best and fall miles short of a great performance, then I’m all for it. If not for times like that, we’ll only have the product on the field to laugh at, and I don’t think that’s where the front office really wants the attention to go to.

It’s a small request, but keep the celebs in the booth. It makes the broadcasts more enjoyable and the fans in the seats are going to drunkenly sing it with anybody.

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