Detroit Tigers: Rick Porcello Back to Being Consistently Inconsistent

By justingawel
Rick Porcello Detroit Tigers
Derick Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Just like a former drug addict habitually lying again to family members, or a magician performing their dated material, it starting to look like Rick Porcello is back up to his old inconsistent tricks.

Two starts in spring training was all it took before a shadow of doubt was cast on Porcello taking the fifth spot in the Detroit Tigers rotation. Honestly, the race still has over a month to go, but the four hits and three earned runs Porcello gave up today look pretty rough compared to the near-flawless outing Drew Smyly turned in on Monday.

Porcello did take the loss against the Atlanta Braves today, a team he had partially faced, and had looked sharp against, last Friday. The loss doesn’t bother me—it’s a just loss in spring training and is just a meaningless formality, like combat training for the Italian army—however, the inconsistency against a team he had just faced is cause for concern. If the Braves have had this much more success upon just the second time facing him, what is going to happen during the latter part of the season where the Tigers are on their fourth or fifth series of the year against the Minnesota Twins or the Cleveland Indians?

Yes, it’s only two innings in the highly repressible month of February that will soon be forgotten if Porcello can string together some solid outings in the next few weeks. However, today’s outing accounted for two more innings that bolster Drew Smyly’s campaign for being the guy the Tigers turn to on April 6th against the New York Yankees.


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