Houston Astros Double Ticket Prices For Opening Night

By Lee White
Jim Crane Houston Astros
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Tickets to see the Houston Astros are not hard to come by.

However, for Opening Night, they will be. Opening Night between the Astros and the Texas Rangers will be a sell out.

Opening day is usually that way for any team. Especially for a team who will be playing what will soon be an in-state rival. The reason I say “soon be an in state rival” is because it isn’t a rivalry unless the Astros win some of those games.

With that said, the Astros will be doubling their ticket prices for Opening Night. I am not mad, disappointed, surprised, or any of those things.

The Astros made this decision strictly about business. You can call the Houston Astros owner, Jim Crane, greedy all you want. However, Crane knows this is his sure-fire way to make money off of this team.

The majority of the fans that will be at this game are going to be Rangers fans. That wouldn’t change because of the ticket prices. This game is going to be a sell out. That wouldn’t change because of the ticket prices. You see a trend coming along?

This is all about making the Houston Astros a little bit more money, not just Jim Crane.

Aside from the playoffs, Opening Night may be the biggest night in baseball. Lets be honest, the Astros shouldn’t be playing this game. It should be between two contenders. This game is going to bring a ton of revenue to the Astros, and after all, that is what it is all about – making money. Baseball is not just a game, it is a business.

With all that said, money is tight for a lot of people. Believe me, that has been the biggest discussion surrounding the ticket prices. I understand where you’re coming from.

There are a lot of ways around those $100 tickets. Believe it or not, the Astros have a great group of diehard fans that go to as many games as they can. That is not easy, folks, and I applaud them. But, if you are worried about the ticket prices, you can always buy cheaper tickets from Stub Hub.

Right now, Stub Hub’s prices are inflated. But, as it gets closer to opening day, and more tickets become available, prices from Stub Hub will go down.

So to the Astros fans, don’t let these ticket prices scare you. Buy from an alternative site, and go support your team!


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