Miller Lite Continues to be Official Beer Sponsor of Milwaukee Brewers

By Michael Terrill
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The Milwaukee Brewers have renewed their partnership with MillerCoors. The joint venture between SABMiller and Molson Coors Brewing Company will continue to have Miller Lite be the official beer sponsor of the Brewers after signing a multi-year agreement.

The financial terms of the new contract have yet to be announced while Miller Park, the name of the ballpark located in Milwaukee, has a completely separate licensing agreement then the one that was renewed on Tuesday. MillerCoors will get exclusive in-stadium signage and advertising on television as well as radio among other things. The Brewers will also continue to do a lot of consumer promotions with MillerCoors like they have done in the past, such as the first 20,000 fans in attendance 21 and over will get a free Miller Lite bottle opener.

Miller has been involved with Milwaukee baseball since 1953, the same year Fredrick C. Miller played a large role in bringing the Milwaukee Braves to town. Unfortunately, the Braves left Milwaukee in 1965, but it was only a mere five years later when the Brewers arrived. Since 1970, the brewery has been the official sponsor of the Brewers and it seems they may never give it up.

Andy England, who is the Chief Marketing Officer at MillerCoors, believes “the alliance with the Brewers is perfect for Miller Lite because you see Miller Time brought to life in so many ways with Brewers fans.”

Being a fan of the Brewers and someone who lives in Milwaukee I personally could not imagine Miller products not being associated with the team. Miller has been a big part of the city for a very long time and it is only appropriate that the partnership continues. To see another beer on tap, or even a different name on top of the ballpark, would be too weird for many people to handle even if they are not a fan of the product.

Miller Lite is associated with several other teams in different sports, such as NASCAR driver Kurt Busch, but there is no question the No. 1 team everyone thinks of when they hear the name is the Brewers.

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