Tampa Bay Rays: When Might Wil Myers Make His MLB Debut?

By Randy Holt
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Rays quietly made what could pan out to be one of the better trades of the winter when they acquired super prospect Wil Myers from the Kansas City Royals.

It was a deal that was deemed foolish on the part of the Royals, as they surrendered not only Myers but Jake Odorizzi and Mike Montgomery as well. The Rays shipped starters James Shields and Wade Davis to Kansas City in exchange for the mighty impressive prospect haul. Yet, they still boast one of the deeper rotations in all of baseball.

This means that they can focus less on what losing Shields will mean, if anything, and more on what Wil Myers could do once he reaches the big league level. The question for the Rays, and fans all around baseball, is going to be when we might see Myers make that jump.

The Rays, understandably, want Myers to round out his game. He’s still working on a transition to right field, so that aspect of his game is going to need some extra seasoning. He also struck out 98 times in 99 games in Triple A last season, so he’ll start the season in the minors.

He’s also currently blocked in right field by Ben Zobrist. However, that may not be the case for long. Kelly Johnson is currently slated to start at second for the Rays. He was putrid with the stick last year. If he can’t get his game together at the plate, he could take a seat on the bench, which would move Zobrist to second and open up a spot for Myers.

There’s no doubt that we’re going to see Wil Myers at some point in 2013. It may not even be May yet by the time he makes the trip to Tampa Bay. The Rays have a potential slugger to add to the middle of their lineup, and it’s only a matter of time before he becomes a mainstay for this team.

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