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Texas Rangers could make a real offer for Doug Fister

Doug Fister

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY

The Texas Rangers need pitching and I think someone like Doug Fister would be perfect in this situation. He has proven that he can produce in pressure situation and he definitely has the talent to lead this Rangers rotation.

Realistically, the Detroit Tigers would want a lot in return for him, but that doesn’t mean the Rangers need to trade top prospects like Jurickson Profar or Mike Olt. If the Rangers want to trade prospects, there are a couple of options.

The one I think would work best would be to package Luis Sardinas and Jorge Alfaro with maybe a Wilmer Font or Justin Grimm thrown in too. The Tigers need a new shortstop, being that Jhonny Peralta is pretty bad. Yes, he has a good fielding percentage, but fielding percentage is an awful way of evaluating. Peralta does make plays on the balls he gets to, but he just doesn’t get to many.

Because of Peralta, Sardinas would be the main return for Fister, but it’s going to take more than that. Alfaro is a good guy to have in because the Tigers most likely realize that they need a backup catcher. Victor Martinez is no longer a catcher and Alex Avila needs someone to back him up because he can’t keep playing every game each season.

Why did I throw in one of the two pitchers like Font or Grimm, you may be asking? They are just add ons that I feel are necessary because the Tigers will want a lot. They don’t mean to much to the situation.

I think this could be a great deal from both sides because the Rangers get the pitching they need and the Tigers get a better shortstop and a good back up catcher, which they will need if they want to compete for the next few years instead of just this year.