Chicago Cubs Need a Cross-Town Trade

By Reid Lester
Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Over the years there have been some interesting trades between the cross-town rivals.  In 1992 the Chicago Cubs received Sammy Sosa from the Chicago White Sox for George Bell.  In 1973, as part of a multi-player deal, the Cubs received Steve Stone in exchange for Hall of Famer Ron Santo.  There have been many other trades over the years involving far less famous players, but could the Cubs and White Sox strike a new deal that would benefit both teams?

The Cubs are in need of a home run hitter, or two, and they could always use more pitching.  The White Sox need left-handed hitting.  One trade that jumps off the page to me, would be sending the Sox Anthony Rizzo for Paul Konerko and Jake Peavy.  The Cubs could use Konerko at 1st and it would give the Sox more power and a veteran presence in the infield.  The Sox would get an up and coming 1st basemen who will hit for power from the left side of the dish.  Jake Peavy would be a good addition to the struggling rotation.

My next idea for a trade involves some Minor Leaguers.  The Cubs top prospect is Javier Baez, a young shortstop.  Since Starlin Castro will be the Cubs’ shortstop for the next decade, the Cubs have only two options.  They can move him to third or they can trade him.  If he was moved to third he would need to learn a new position, but he is young enough that he should be able to adapt.  The better option would be to trade him for young, unproven pitchers.  The White Sox have three young pitchers that would make a great deal for Baez.  Erik Johnson (RHP), Scott Snodgress (LHP), and Andre Rienzo (RHP) would make an excellent group of pitchers for the Cubs to add to their staff.

My last trade idea is for the Cubs to trade Anthony Rizzo for 3rd base prospect Connor Gillaspie and left-handed pitcher Chris Sale.  The Cubs would get a good prospect and some proven lefty pitching while again, the Sox would get a 1st baseman who can hit for power, and Rizzo will only get better with time.

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