Clayton Kershaw: Los Angeles Dodgers Ace knows Who is Number One

By Rodney Coe
Los Angeles Dodgers Clayton Kershaw
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US Presswire

When Clayton Kershaw won the 2011 National League Cy Young award, he reached the top of the baseball world. The Los Angeles Dodgers had an Ace again. But for Kershaw, he knew who was really number one.

Kershaw turned down a scholarship from Texas A&M to sign with the Dodgers. He was taken in the first round, with the 7th pick in 2006. Kershaw never thought he would play in MLB.

Kershaw won the Cy Young award at 23. He has been compared to the legendary Dodgers great and Hall of Famer, Sandy Koufax. He has perspective, poise, and so much promise he could win several more Cy Young awards before his career is over.

At 6’3” and 220 lbs. the big left handed pitcher is an imposing presence on the mound. His ERA in the last two years was 2.28, and 2.53, with 554 strikeouts. Kershaw has already been announced by manager Don Mattingly as the opening day starter in 2013. An honor the Ace has had for three consecutive years.

But Kershaw had already decided he is second. In 2011, Clayton Kershaw made a video saying those words. I am second.

I am second is a movement of professional athletes and celebrities that tells their story about their faith as a Christian. The website has an abundance of famous faces and short videos like Clayton Kershaw’s. In his video Kershaw said, “On the mound I am in control. In life—He is.”

It is refreshing knowing God has an Ace like Clayton Kershaw, and it is also nice to know he plays for the Dodgers. Go-BLUE.

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