Delmon Young Could Be A Great Find for the Philadelphia Phillies

By Brendan Harmening
Kyle Terada – USATODAY Sports

For the price, Delmon Young could be a steal for the Philadelphia Phillies. Given his age (27), his incentive laden contract, and high potential he could be a great value bat for the financially strapped Phillies.

Last year as a Detroit Tiger, Delmon struggled to put anything together consistently, but his final statistics were not too bad: |151 GP |74 RBI |18 HR | .267 AVG. If he brings those exact statistics to the Phillies I think you could call the Delmon experiment a success. Keep in mind he is unlikely to play in 150+ games, as he is likely out until May.

Delmon Young was a highly regarded prospect before he broke into the Major Leagues with the Tampa Bay Rays. He played 30 games in 2006, then 162 in 2007, to mark his ascension into the big leagues. In 2008 he was traded to the Minnesota Twins, and 2009 he had his best season of his career: |153 GP |112 RBI |21 HR |.298 AVG.

The Phillies have the rare position of getting exactly what they pay for in Delmon. His salary starts at $750k, but he has tons of incentives. $100k for being under 230 and 235 lbs (6 times), $250k every 40 days on the roster (4 times), and varied rate for every 50 plate appearances between 250 and 600.

What people tend to forget is Delmon is only 27 years old, and showed that he is capable of carrying an offense for stretches (see 2012 ALCS). Many players don’t break into the league until 27 or 28, Delmon already has 6 full seasons under his belt. For a lot of players their power doesn’t develop until they are 28 or 29. By that logic, it’s possible we have yet to see Delmon reach his full power potential. The cozy Citizen’s Bank Park should help bolster that potential.


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