Jason Vargas Key To Los Angeles Angels Success In 2013

By Devin O'Barr
Jason Vargas pitches
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

When the Los Angeles Angels acquired Josh Hamilton the MLB knew that a new sheriff was in town, however if the Angels hope to snatch the AL West crown they need production from the back-end of their rotation.

Kendrys Morales was dealt after six seasons with the Halos this offseason as their was simply to many bats and not enough spots in Los Angeles. Jason Vargas was acquired by the team and I think he will play a big role in whether or not this team has the pitching to hang a World Series banner in 2013. Looking around the AL West it may be the best division in the game with the Oakland Athletics returning as divisional champions and the Texas Rangers who also pose a big threat every year.

The common thread between these three stellar teams is pitching and I feel the team with the least amount of pitching is going to draw the short end of the stick in the divisional race.

Vargas is someone who can change the dynamic of the Angels as he can follow in the footsteps of C.J Wilson and Jared Weaver who are both solidified aces. For those of you scoffing at the potential of Vargas take a look at his durability throwing in 418.1 innings in the last two seasons combined. Not to mention, he won a career-high 14 games for a struggling Seattle Mariners team in 2012 and posted a 3.85 ERA to go along with 141 strikeouts.

In a division where everyone looks to be head-to-head it’s important to look at players like Vargas who could make a big difference in such a tight race.

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