Ticket Sales Are Down for Philadelphia Phillies

By Ben Bernstein
Howard Smith – US PRESSWIRE

The Philadelphia Phillies have not had issues selling tickets in the past few seasons. The attendance at Citizens Bank Park has been fantastic in recent years, especially in the past three. The Phillies led the majors in attendance in both 2011 and 2012, and accumulated a 257 game sellout streak that ended last season. It was pretty obvious that toward the end of that streak there were a few games that the “sell out” was stretched a bit. However, the numbers were still very impressive and were one of if not the best in terms of attendance recently.

2013 is a different story. There are far more question marks surrounding this Phillies team than there have been during the great run the Phillies have had in past five years. This has without doubt been  a major reason why ticket sale numbers are far behind where they have been in recent years. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer last season, there were five games completely sold out in mid-February, less than a week after single game tickets went on sale. This year, every game except Opening Day, still has tickets available.

There is still plenty of time for fans to buy tickets this season, and there is no doubt that there will be plenty of sell outs as Citizens Bank Park is one of the best venues in the league. However, it may be harder to reach sell out streaks of over 250 games. Phillies fans are some of the best in the league and tickets will sell, but a return to playing in October will definitely help.

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