Pittsburgh Pirates Pitchers Get Shelled

By Darren Pare

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday wasn’t a good day for Pittsburgh Pirates pitchers as they got smacked around the park by the Boston Red Sox for 16 runs. Three pitchers–Jonathan Sanchez, Zach Foster and Tony Watson–took the brunt of the punishment.

Sanchez, who is hoping to lock down a spot in the rotation, allowed four earned runs in just 2/3 innings pitched. Wildness (he allowed four walks) was what really hurt Sanchez. It was nothing like his first outing of the spring in which he pitched two innings of one hit ball.

Foster immediately followed Sanchez and the results were much the same. He allowed five runs in one inning of work. Control issues also hampered Foster’s efforts as he allowed four walks as well.

Watson took the ball in the ninth inning and promptly allowed four runs in 2/3 of a inning. One good thing was he didn’t allow any walks, but he did get rocked for five hits. Watson is still likely a lock for a spot in the bullpen a position he has had with the Pirates the last two seasons.

Overall is was a pretty pathetic display by the Pirates pitching staff. Eight pitchers combined to allow 14 hits and 15 walks. It may just be the first week of spring training but 15 walks, from an pretty inexperienced staff, has to be a little concerning. If the Pirates were willing to throw down a little extra cash they could help themselves by going after the still unsigned Kyle Lohse. A veteran like Lohse could eat up some innings and go a long way in helping this team break their record losing streak. Just an idea for management to consider.


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