Pittsburgh Pirates Season Might Be Defined by two Rookie Pitchers

By David Miller
gerrit cole pirates
Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

There is excitement in the Spring Training facilities of the Pittsburgh Pirates this year. Things looked good last year until they inexplicitly fell apart. Whatever it was that went wrong, everyone that wears the Pirates uniform plans to make sure it doesn’t happen again this season. With that said, there is still a chance that what they have currently will not be enough to carry them to the end of the season with a playoff chance still hanging around.

If only they had someone or a couple of someones that they could bring up at just the right time that could inject a dose of adrenaline into everyone’s veins. Enter Gerrit Cole and Jameson Taillon. These two young pitchers are the talk of the Pirates world right now. Both are showing good stuff while pitching to major league hitters. Both are going to be ready this season at some point.

When that point comes, if the Pirates are twelve games in first place, they should probably continue dominating the minors for another few months. Assuming that they will need a little boost half way through the season, these two guys are just the thing. The Pirates entire season could hinge on the call-up and success of Cole and Jameson.

Why shouldn’t it? They have been the next big thing since they were signed. They have never disappointed and all signs point to them not disappointing this time around either. Best of all, there are two of them. If one stumbles you still have the other going strong. This could be a very memorable year to be a Pirate fan.

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