San Diego Padres Eric Stults Could Be Team’s Real Ace

By David Miller
eric stults padres
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

There isn’t a lot concrete about the pitching staff of the San Diego Padres. One thing that is seemingly certain is the ace of the staff being Clayton Richard. I’m not so sure even that will be certain after this season however. Eric Stults came over last season and really helped push the Padres in their late surge in 2012. This season he has shown up in camp not expecting a thing to be handed to him.

I think if I were him I might at least feel like I should have a guaranteed spot in the rotation. In fairness to his coaches and manager, I think they probably know he has a fairly solid spot. That might not be where it ends for Stults and the Padres though. Last season he started fourteen games. In those games he posted an 8-3 record with a 2.70 ERA. Clayton Richard made thirty-three starts and only won six more games, going 14-14. His ERA was 3.99.

Does anyone else see what I see here? Stults has had struggles in the past as many pitchers have. A lot of pitchers also reach a place and a team where everything just clicks. That happened last year for Stults and the Padres. This season with a full schedule of starts, mark my word, he’ll prove to be the ace of this staff. If he has a terrible year, hey I’ve been wrong before. I love his work ether and his attitude however. That plus the way his stuff seems to work better with a S-D intertwined on his cap suggests to me a great year for hm.

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