Starlin Castro Injury Nothing to Worry About for Chicago Cubs

By Korey Beckett
Starlin Castro Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs Shortstop Starlin Castro has been sidelined the past couple of days with a hamstring injury, but it shouldn’t raise many concerns for the team. He will likely be back in a day or two, but some Cubs fans are worried that this might be a nagging injury that will last throughout the season.

The thing about Castro is, he’s still very young despite this being his third full season in the Major Leagues with Chicago. “The hammy is a little tight,” Castro said after working with the team’s medical staff. “I don’t think it will be too bad. When I got to first base I felt it when I touched the base. After I came out I stretched and ran a little bit.” It sounds like he isn’t concerned about the injury and neither is the team.

Expect to see him back early next week and as long as he keeps it stretched out over the weekend, shouldn’t give him any problems down the road. Thankfully it’s just Spring Training right now, so there is absolutely no rush to get him back. He’s not fighting for a spot on the team so he won’t force himself to play through this injury which is a good sign.

This probably won’t be his last injury in his career, there aren’t many Cal Ripken type players around anymore, but Castro said this was his first, so let’s hope it’s just a once-off situation that he can rebound from quickly. Don’t worry about the two-time All-Star he will be just fine.

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