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The New York Mets like Wilmer Flores as an infielder


Derick Hingle-USATODAY Sports

Wilmer Flores has impressed the New York Mets with his hitting ability this spring training. Although Flores has become one of the organizations best hitting prospects, he does not have a position in the Mets’ starting lineup.

Flores plays second and third base, two positions that the Mets have filled for the time being. Meanwhile, the Mets are lacking in outfield talent and depth and have reportedly considered moving Flores to an outfield position. While the Mets are excited about Flores’ bat, they are not willing to switch his position to make him a starter just yet.

General manager Sandy Alderson said this week that they want to develop Flores’ hitting ability in the minor leagues before they think about moving him to the outfield. While the potential is there, Alderson and the team will not force the position change to rush Flores’ bat into the MLB. The team is another year or two from contention, and will continue to use Flores at second and third base for the Mets’ Triple-A Las Vegas ballclub for the time being.

Flores hit a three run home run during their inter-squad game last week and hit another in a scrimmage against the University of Michigan. He has also made several good defensive plays at second base during spring training.

The Mets current second baseman is Daniel Murphy, who is a solid contact hitter. Although Murphy is currently out with a minor injury, the team is confident moving forward with him as their starting second baseman. That being said, Murphy is only signed through this season, meaning Flores could be the team’s second baseman as soon as next year.