Time for Chicago Cubs Pitcher Dontrelle Willis to Call It Quits

By Korey Beckett
Dontrelle Willis Chicago Cubs
Jake Roth-US Presswire

On Tuesday, Dontrelle Willis staged his comeback with the Chicago Cubs. Unfortunately it lasted just seven pitches. That’s right, seven.

After facing just two batters, Willis left the game with shoulder tightness. To say that I am not surprised really doesn’t do it justice, the guy appears to have had his bones replaced with glass in the past five years or so. Cubs fans everywhere were kicking themselves when Willis stormed onto the scene in South Florida and helped lead the then Florida Marlins to a World Series victory in 2003, because he was originally a Cub before being traded.

Flash forward ten years later, and Cubs fans either laughed or shook their head over the announcement that Willis signed a contract to return to his original team. Now after this latest injury, there’s even more laughter and head shaking. He retired in July of 2012 after going 0-3 with an ERA over 8 in the Minor Leagues. If that doesn’t show you that it’s time to quit, then having to leave a game just seven pitches into the preseason should do the trick.

Some athletes can’t just be happy with their glory days and call it a career, and Willis appears to be one of those. It’s bad enough that he’s been a punchline since he was traded to the Detroit Tigers, but now he’s just making it worse. It’s time to call it quits before he either completely falls apart at the seams on the mound during a game or embarrasses himself out of the country. Either way, enough is enough. It’s sad to see someone try to hang on to a career that never really panned out.

Korey Beckett is a Baseball Writer for RantSports.com and can be reached at koreydbeckett@gmail.com for questions or comments.

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