Zack Grienke Should Have Been a Texas Ranger?

By Kyle McAreavy
Zack Grienke
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

There is now a report out with a quote from Zack Grienke saying that when he originally received his six year $147 million contract offer from the Los Angeles Dodgers, he gave the Texas Rangers a chance to beat it.

Apparently Grienke made an offer to the Rangers but instead of just accepting it, the team chose to counter-offer.

According to John Heyman, the Rangers and Dodgers were in a “near-dead heat” on the main terms such as money and contract years. But the Rangers were not willing to give Grienke an option to opt-out of the contract after three seasons.

That small add-on to the contract apparently ended up being one of the main deciding factors for Grienke.

Grienke did say he much prefers the National League to the American League because he loves to hit, and he loves the extra strategy involved in the National League.

Why didn’t the Rangers just accept the deal offered by Grienke? I have written multiple times this off-season and preseason that the Rangers need a real No. 1 starter. Grienke is definitely an upper-tier No. 1 starter.

I don’t think he is an ace, but many people do. Grienke would have fixed multiple problems that the Rangers are facing right now.

The Rangers looked like the really wanted Greinke but when given the perfect chance to sign him, but they didn’t take it because the right-hander might have chosen to opt-out after three years.

That should be no excuse not to sign someone who would really solidify your team and give you a much better chance to return the pinnacle of the American League.


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