Carlos Pena Isn't the Best Option For the Houston Astros

By Lee White
Carlos Pena Houston Astros
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Astros signed first baseman and designated hitter Carlos Pena this off-season. At first, the Pena signing looked to be a significant piece to the Astros’ off-season. But as things progressed, the Astros took Nate Freiman in the Rule V draft, and traded for Chris Carter. Not to mention, the Astros already have Brett Wallace at first base.

So with four guys battling it out for basically two spots, it has created a bit of a log jam. If you ask me, Pena isn’t even the Astros best option for either of those two positions. Here is why: he is old.

Okay, that isn’t just my reason as to why he isn’t the best option for the Astros. That is just one of them. I just don’t think Pena really fits the structure of where the Astros are at as an organization. Pena is getting older and with every year he gets older, that batting average drops. What I do like about Pena is his leadership. As soon as he came to Houston he said the Astros were going to surprise some people. Now, I believe that was just pure optimism, but, it was the right thing to say.

Pena also addressed the clubhouse. He mentioned how it was split up, sort of like groups or cliques last year, and how that has to change. He said the Astros will be a family this year. If he continues to bring this family together, I will welcome it. A leader on a young team is always good, but I feel like he won’t contribute much on the field.

That is why I believe Pena isn’t the Astros best choice ON the field. If I had my choice for the Astros, I would take Carter, Freiman and Wallace over Pena every day. With Pena’s ability to get on base, and the fact that he is a left handed power bat, I believe he could be a trade asset. Pena could easily be shipped off to another team by the deadline. Look for that, and also, look for the younger guys to hold down first base and DH during the season.

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