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Cincinnati Reds: New Ticketing Options Should Make Reds Fans Excited

Andrew Weber-USATODAY Sports

How many times have you gone to games, and you’ve had to take out a second loan just to pay for tickets to watch your team play an awful team? My assumption is probably more than once.

On Monday, the Cincinnati Reds announced that they will be introducing a new way for Reds’ fans to get the most bang for their buck by using a dynamic pricing system of single-game ticket sales.

According the release from the Reds,

“By using advanced computer programming, dynamic pricing makes adjustments based on factors such as day of the week, month, team performance, visiting team’s performance, weather forecast and remaining ticket inventory in specific seating sections.”

Reds’ COO Phil Castellini said of this new way via the Reds’ website,

“In most cases, fans who buy early will receive the best pricing since ticket prices will generally increase as the game gets closer,” said Castellini. “Season tickets are the ultimate buy-early-and-save opportunity and our season ticket holders will always enjoy the deepest savings available.”

This is big news for Reds’ fans. This provides the opportunity for people to maximize their money at the ballpark and not have to worry about who they’re playing. In most cases, fans are not going to want to watch the Reds beat the Chicago Cubs night after night as they seemingly have done year after year at Great American Ball Park and spend $120 on quality seats. Depending on how good or bad the team is influences the price of ticket. So if the team is bad, the price of the ticket goes down and vice versa if the other team is good.

This should totally get Reds’ fans excited. The Reds are continually looking for ways to fill GABP and have done so successfully with promotions and giveaways. This type of ticket pricing allows Reds’ fans, who may not have the financial ability or ability to make a short drive to see the Reds play, the opportunity to spend their money on quality seats and not have to take out another loan in order to see the Reds play. This new way should thoroughly encourage Reds’ fans to get out and fill up GABP night after night.

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