Is Joe Mauer a Real Person? The Minnesota Twins Catcher's Charmed Life

By maxselim
Jesse Johnson–USA Today Sports

Being from the Twin Cities, Joe Mauer has been a household name for many years. He played at local St. Paul baseball powerhouse–Cretin Derham Hall–and was a highly touted recruit in baseball, basketball and football. St. Paul’s golden boy turned down a full ride to play quarterback at Florida State to enter the MLB amateur draft. His senior year of high school, the Minnesota Twins just happened to have the first overall pick. Guess who they drafted?

Mauer rose through the minor league system quickly. By 21 he was a big leaguer, by 23 he was an all-star and by 26 he was an MVP. As a 23 year-old he was the first catcher in baseball history to win a batting title. Along the way he earned the nickname Baby Jesus, dated Miss USA, grew idolized sideburns and established himself as Minnesota’s darling. Between those extravagances he signed a eight year deal for $184 million.

After he was done dating supermodels he married his high school sweetheart of sorts. Yesterday, they announced they were expecting children, and believe it or not, the Minnesota Twins’ catcher is expecting twins. Irony? Coincidence? Cheesy story? Is it a big deal that Mauer is having twins? No, not really. At this point it’s just pretty predictable–almost as predictable as the local media gobbling up the story. It’s just another cute aspect of the catcher’s charmed life and another step towards solidifying himself as the most iconic Twin since the late Kirby Puckett.

You know the old saying, ‘is it better to be good or lucky?’ I think Joe would answer, ‘both’.

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