San Francisco Giants Need to Choose Left Field Platoon Wisely

By David Miller
Cole Gillespie Giants
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Gregor Blanco made the San Francisco Giants team last season as a non-roster invitee. He hustled and led others with his incredible work ethic throughout the season. His reward was a World Series Championship. Going into this season there are still some problems with Blanco. He didn’t put up very good numbers on the offensive side of the diamond. That is okay because he will be in a platoon this year. That is why the Giants need to carefully chose his platoon partner.

The options are basically Andres Torres and Cole Gillespie. There are others who will play a smaller role in the outfield spots but the main platoon partner for Blanco will come down to these two. Right now the reports are that Torres seems to be the assumed leader between the two coming in. I don’t really understand why though. He doesn’t put up numbers any better than Blanco. For that I’d rather have Blanco in their full time.

What they need to do is give Gillespie a series look over there. He also hasn’t had much experience and therefore his numbers aren’t gigantic. His potential and his minor league stats suggest that he might have a little more upside at this point than Torres. If I were the Giants, I’d give the platoon spot to Gillespie if he performs. If not, don’t give it to Torres. Just let Blanco play full time in that case.

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