Texas Rangers Rumors: Could They Make a Real Offer for Jon Lester?

By Kyle McAreavy
Jon Lester
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Rangers need to bring in a new starter to lead the 2013 rotation. I have written before about how the Rangers have a rotation full of number two and three starters, and I consistently said Doug Fister or Jarrod Parker were the best options. I have realized there is a realistic possibility that is much more interesting.

Jon Lester. It is going to be tough to make the Boston Red Sox part with their number one starter but with the right haul of prospects, it is a real possibility. The Rangers have an excess of players at positions that the Red Sox need, such as shortstop or outfield.

One unlikely possibility would be to trade Elvis Andrus for Lester plus someone. But that would leave the Rangers in the awkward position of starting twenty year old rookie Jurickson Profar at short, instead of working him in.

The option I see as realistic is the Rangers could package together a couple top prospects like Luis Sardinas and Jairo Beras to be the Red Sox shortstop and right fielder of the future. The Red Sox also need some bullpen help, so maybe a throw in of Josh Lindblom-who the Rangers acquired in the Michael Young deal-just to boost the overall value.

One more option would be to trade Mitch Moreland plus a lower level prospect or two since the Red Sox most likely are worried about  Mike Napoli’s health. This also opens up a spot for twenty six year old Mike Olt.

So instead of sitting behind Moreland and Adrian Beltre, Olt can get real playing time. Or the Rangers might just move Ian Kinsler to first so that Profar can play second.

This deal seems like it could have a realistic chance, and it would greatly benefit both teams. Now and in the future.

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