The Future is Bright with Detroit Tigers Prospect Nick Castellanos

By justingawel
Nick Castellanos Detroit Tigers
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We all know the type: pretty much everyone has that one conceited hipster pseudo-friend who will inevitably say something like, “Yeah, I liked them before they were mainstream and popular” every time you bring up the latest band you’re obsessed with. Yeah, I know we call this chum our friend, but in reality, he’s more of just a smug guy we don’t really care for who passes pretentious judgments on our tastes.

However, when we’re talking about sports, movies or really anything besides awful indie bands, you’ll have the upper hand on that self-righteous moron. Nick Castellanos—that’s the name you’ll want to remember. Jump on the bandwagon now. I’m urging you to. Jump on now so that when Castellanos is tearing it in the MLB for the Detroit Tigers at some point during this season or next season you can honestly, and a little arrogantly, say “Yeah, I’ve liked him since he was playing in the minor leagues.”

Castellanos, unlike Donny Wahlberg, has done nothing but impress during the limited time he has been in the spotlight. In 2012, he was named Most Valuable Player in the All-Star Futures Game after belting a three-run homer. Plus, during spring training this season, he has gone six for nine from the plate and has earned praise from skipper Jim Leyland.

Now, it’s not just Leyland who has been impressed with the young player. Even though Castellanos does not bear any striking resemblance to a beggar child on the streets of Mumbai, the Tigers’ front office has dubbed him “untouchable” in any trade negotiations going forward.

We’re truly facing a bright future in Detroit. I mean, at least on the Nick Castellanos front.


Justin Gawel is a Temple Run enthusiast who mainly writes for Rant Sports about the Detroit Tigers. Follow him on Google+ for all of his article postings.

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