Washington Nationals New Pitcher Dan Haren is Ready for a Great Year

By David Miller
dan haren nationals
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

First of all, I should say that this story kind of makes me angry. The Washington Nationals did not need another really good pitcher. They have more than their fair share already and now with this addition they are ridiculous. Really, just to even things out one of the starting five are just going to have to have a bomb season. Karma won’t allow them all five to have great years.

They sure will give it a shot though. When the Nationals brought in Dan Haren I kind of pictured the owner with his fingers on his temples saying, “Na-na-na-na-na!” Some thought Haren might not have been a good signing but I disagree. After seeing his beginning to Spring Training this season, I think it was an even better signing.

Haren is one of those guys that readily admits that he probably won’t throw pretty stuff that looks good or blows people away. He said in the end he really doesn’t care what happens or how it looks as long as he gets batters out. I like that attitude. Furthermore he is a guy that still gets nervous when he takes the mound and I find that very honest.

All of that should combine to see him deliver a solid season for the Nationals in 2013. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if he was one of the top three in that loaded rotation.

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