Does the Texas Rangers Slow Start Mean Anything?

By Kyle McAreavy
Jurickson Profar
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Rangers have started this spring very slowly at 1-6 (looking like it will be 2-6 as I write this). But it is only the beginning of spring training, can it really mean anything?

Well it obviously means they and the 1-5 Los Angeles Angeles are much worse teams than the 8-1 Seattle Mariners, right? Of course not. It’s spring training. I have heard many people who are very worried about the very slow beginning.

Come on everyone, not only is it just spring training, it’s only the beginning of spring training. Nothing in spring matters any more than just getting ready for the season. There is a reason training is in the name. I can understand how people may be concerned. It is a little worrisome that the Rangers don’t seem able to win a game. But what needs to be remembered about spring training is that by the seventh inning, all of the players who are going to be on your big league club are out playing golf.

The reason this means absolutely nothing is because the guys who are losing the games are the guys who are going to be in the minors. Nobody has played a full game yet. Starters are only going two maybe three innings and the same with relief pitchers.

Spring training is a different game than the regular season with all the player switches, massive amounts of pitching changes and other substitutions in the field or on the base paths. Not to mention that most veteran pitchers are going out and working on pitches, not working on winning.

So no Ranger fans, the slow start doesn’t mean anything. They will still be fighting for a spot at the top of the American League west by the end of the season.

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