Conor Jackson Having Early Success with Baltimore Orioles

By Corey Righter
conor jackson
Kim Klement – USA TODAY Sports

The build of a non-roster invitee usually involves a journeyman or someone who is beyond there prime trying to make it back to a major league roster. Conor Jackson fits the journeyman, but at age 30 he rides that fine line between young and old in the world of professional baseball. Jackson originally started with the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2006 and then bounced around four different organizations, two of those being at the major league level.

Jackson is a non-roster invitee at Spring training with the Baltimore Orioles for the time being. The main reason Jackson has been brought in, is most likely because of his ability to play the first base position and the outfield as well. There is currently a void that was left vacant once Mark Reynolds was shipped out to Cleveland.

Sunday was a big day for Jackson as he crushed two HRs along with four RBI as the Orioles dominated the Philadelphia Phillies 12-3. Jackson is batting .313 so far this Spring. Another attribute that Jackson brings to the field each day is his deceptive speed on the bases. If you have been paying close attention to some of Buck Showalter’s comments this Spring, it should be no secret that he intends to be more aggressive on the base paths this season.

Come opening day Chris Davis and Wilson Betemit will likely alternate between the DH role and 1B. If in all likelihood one of those guys gets hurt, Jackson or someone will have to fill in. The presiding factor that may diminish Jacksons chances is the fact he hasn’t played in majors since late 2011.

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