Detroit Tigers Opening Day Tickets Go Quickly

By Michael Terrill
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Tigers fans came out in big numbers for a chance to purchase Opening Day tickets Saturday morning and they did not disappoint when it came time to open their wallets.

Hundreds of people, wearing multiple layers of clothing in an effort to stay warm while standing outside in the freezing cold, waited patiently for the tickets to go on sale at 10 a.m. The diehard Tigers fans would sleep in the cold for consecutive nights if it meant another magical ride like last season in which the team made it all the way to the World Series before being swept by the San Francisco Giants in four games.

It only took a mere 15 minutes before every single ticket was sold out for the April 5 home opener against the New York Yankees, a rivalry that has certainly grown over the years. Some fans were lucky and will get to see Detroit play on Opening Day in person, while others, such as Dujuan Abraham, will have to settle for watching the big game on television at home or in a bar with friends.

“I’m excited for the whole season, but I’d never been to an Opening Day game before,” Abraham said. “I thought I’d try my luck and I crapped out.”

It is the risk that so many people wonder if it is even worth taking. To stand outside in the cold for numerous hours not knowing if the opportunity to purchase a ticket will present itself, something that is most definitely not for the weak of heart. However, some would say the experience alone is worthwhile.

Since the Tigers had such a successful season last year the organization felt the need to raise ticket prices. Every seat in the ballpark saw its price go up with the skyline section getting hit the hardest. The $5 walk up tickets on game day will no longer exist, as they will now range between $12-20. Unfortunately, this is what happens when teams almost go the distance, but I doubt the price increase will prevent fans from filling Comerica Park on a nightly basis.

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