Japan's Pitching Will Be Major Key Moving Forward In World Baseball Classic

By Lee White
Japan Pitcher World Baseball Classic
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Japan’s pitching was key in their 5-2 victory over China in the World Baseball Classic. If Japan wants to move keep moving forward in the World Baseball Classic, pitching will be a major key for them. Japan was expected to roll through China last night, but the Japanese hitters got off to a slow start and kept China in the game for most of the night. Besides a key four run inning in the fifth, the Japanese hitters didn’t do much. But, a dominant performance from starting pitcher Kenta Maeda gave China almost little to no chance. Japan’s five to two victory over China moved them to 2-0 in the World Baseball Classic. Japan’s pitching will have to be dominant for them to keep moving forward.

If you ask me, pitching is the most important factor when it comes to the World Baseball Classic. It is extremely hard to translate hitting numbers from one league to another. It is almost impossible to do so. You don’t know how the batters are going to do in this tournament. However, good pitching is good pitching. That is why Japan is going to need their pitching to carry them forward in the World Baseball Classic.

Like last night, if Japan can get those dominant starts out of their pitchers, there is almost no way Japan won’t three-peat. They’re going to need to find their command and control their pitches if they want to be successful this year. I guess we’ll see exactly how Japan’s pitchers can perform for the rest of this tournament.

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