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Robbie Grossman Making Strong Case For Houston Astros Opening Day Roster

Houston Astros Spring Training

Matt Stamey-USA TODAY Sports

Every spot on the Houston Astros‘ roster is basically up for grabs. We get that. And, there are a lot players taking advantage of the situation they have been put into to. One of those players is outfielder, Robbie Grossman. Grossman wasn’t exactly the number one choice to win the center field spot for Opening Night. If he keeps playing like he’s playing, he may just win that spot.

Grossman has been on an absolute tear so far this spring. So much of a tear, that a little movement has started up between Astros fans on twitter. They want to see Grossman in the lead off spot and they will let you hear about it. They’re using the hashtags Grossman for lead off, and also, Grossman for center field to express why Grossman should be on the Opening Night roster.

Houston Astros manager, Bo Porter, has already said every player on the Spring Training 61 man roster has a chance to make the Astros Opening Night roster. And for the most part, I believe him. Grossman’s play certainly has to help his chances.

Grossman has showed some speed during his Minor League career. He has also shown an ability to get on base. This spring he is showing both of those as well as an ability to hit the ball, and hit the ball hard. He isn’t hitting home runs, but he is lacing singles and doubles. It is still far to early to say he is making the team, but he is going to make it tough on the front office and on Porter when it comes time to decide who will be on the team.

Grossman is already making a strong case to be on the Opening Night roster, but if he keeps this up, he is almost certain to make the team.