The Bright Side of Josh Hamilton Leaving the Texas Rangers.

By Kyle McAreavy
Josh Hamilton
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Hamilton is widely regarded as one of the best players in the MLB, but there is a definite bright side to him leaving the Texas Rangers.

Hamilton has started his decline due to age as most players do after 30, but it is much more noticeable for such a great player. Everyone noticed Hamilton’s huge slumps last year, but even more pronounced were his week long home run streaks and four home run game.

Everyone who has heard the name Hamilton knows the story and how he fought through alcohol and drug addictions to come back to the majors. But his drugs issues have worn down his body and now he goes on the disabled list more than any other player (for much less).

Any type of ache or pain gets Hamilton the day off or the week off and it has happened in important games.

Last season Hamilton did set his career high for home runs but his batting average was down and his strikeouts were much higher than ever before. Now, Hamilton’s numbers wouldn’t take a huge hit if he had decided to stay in Texas, but now that he is moving to the Los Angeles Angels who play in a much more pitcher friendly ballpark, his numbers will take a huge hit.

He has declined a large amount as a fielder and can no longer handle himself out in center. He has had some struggles in right and has dropped to average in left.

Obviously losing Hamilton is a big loss, but it is not nearly as large of one as many people believe it to be.

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