Jose Valverde Not a Viable Option According to Jim Leyland, Detroit Tigers Fans

By justingawel
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Like Amy Winehouse dying from alcohol poisoning, the lack of interest the Detroit Tigers have in their ex-closer Jose Valverde is sad, but not surprising. After blowing two critical saves in the playoffs that sparked an endemic of stress-induced peptic ulcers in Southeast Michigan, the Tigers decided to not resign the 34-year-old Large Potato.

When asked this morning if there had been any rumblings or notions to bring, the still unsigned, Valverde, Tigers skipper Jim Leyland said that Valverde is “not in the picture.” Frankly, Tigers fans everywhere would be shocked and upset if GM Dave Dombrowski decided to make an offer to Valverde, even with the control issues that potential closer Bruce Rondon has experienced this spring.

It’s tough to bring a disappointing figure back in any capacity. It’s why Gerald Ford wasn’t technically elected to first term as president. It’s why the kid who perpetually sweats and cries is never elected homecoming king. And it’s why Detroit fans will not stand by the decision to bring Valverde back to the team.

With Valverde, it’s not really that surprising that he hasn’t been signed yet. Everyone was watching when he blew those two saves last October and everyone saw Leyland go to a closer-by-committee the rest of the way in the playoffs. Valverde is 34, appears to be on the decline and he can’t expect to receive any offers close to the $7 million he was making last year with the Tigers.

Valverde, Tigers fans everywhere are happy to tell you “good riddance to bad rubbish.”


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