Max Scherzer Makes Detroit Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski Look Smart

By justingawel
Max Scherzer Detroit Tigers
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Fourteen pitches.

Fourteen pitches was all it took for Max Scherzer to get out of the first two innings, the only two innings he pitched in the Detroit Tigers 6-1 loss to the Atlanta Braves on Sunday.

Scherzer joked that usually when he throws that when his outings are that short, it’s because he’s getting shelled.

We all like to see the Tigers save money, and we all can recognize that GM Dave Dombrowski underpaid for Scherzer during the salary negotiation process earlier this year.  Dombrowski, like any general manager, delights in the same pleasure those crazy extreme-couponing women revel in—namely, they all love being able to talk about the ridiculous bargains that they were able to wrangle. Although, ideally, at the end of the season, Dombrowski will have a World Series title to show for his efforts instead of merely a basement resembling a fallout shelter for nuclear winter and a family who’s sick of eating Spaghetti-O’s.

It’s obvious that a contract for $6.725 million is a bargain for a guy who could be the ace on a significant number of teams in the league. Everyone, including Dombrowski, saw Scherzer make a step into baseball’s elite last year when he went 11-3 with a 2.53 ERA while recording 143 strikeouts in only 117.1 innings after the middle of last season—truly numbers that had Tigers fans drooling.

If Scherzer can put together a full season of numbers like that, look for him to be in the discussion for the American League Cy Young Award, along with perennial Cy Young contender and teammate Justin Verlander.


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