Oakland Athletics Are Rolling the Dice with Brandon Moss

By Bryan Lutz
Kelley L. Cox – USA TODAY Sports

There were a lot of awesome stories in 2012: Mike Trout dominated the world, Miguel Cabrera won the the Triple Crown, the Baltimore Orioles scoffed at everyone they could possibly scoff at, and the Oakland Athletics won the division on the last day of the season. Out of the stories listed there, the Athletics sweeping the Texas Rangers to win the American League West was easily my favorite. The Athletics won the division with a collection of misfits, figuring that most of the team was made up of castoffs and pre-arbitration players. Their main misfit, however, might have been Brandon Moss, who will be Oakland’s main first baseman in 2013. Although Moss was fantastic last season, is it a good idea to depend on him in 2013?

Due to trade that brought Jed Lowrie to the Bay Area, the Athletics lost their youngest, most viable first base option in Chris Carter, which is why they are turning to Brandon Moss to start full-time. Yes, Moss was absolutely fantastic last season, but it’s hard to imagine that he had some sort of Jose Bautista baseball awakening. It’s really hard to properly credit a guy who literally doubled his HR/FB ratio in part-time duty under any circumstance, especially when that player had a career year at 29 years of age. Having said that, I do think Moss has the potential to be a decent part-time role player. Something along the lines of a .260/.340/.440 slash line isn’t out of the question, but the .402 wOBA probably is.

The Oakland Athletics will still have a very solid team in 2013, seeing as their pitching staff will be one of the league’s best. But if they expect another big year out Brandon Moss in 2013, they could be in for a rude awakening.

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