Scott Boras is Destroying MLB and the New York Yankees' Chances of Signing Robinson Cano

By Nik Swartz
Scott Boras
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It may be hard to imagine that one person could destroy a game that is over a century old, but sports agent Scott Boras is on his way to doing that to MLB. Boras’ favorite team to rob is the New York Yankees. The Yankees are an easy target because the amount of money they spend and their desire to always win makes the team easy prey for a man like Boras.

Boras has been a sports agent for over 30 years and most of his clients are baseball players. The easiest way to spot him is to find a ridiculous contract being signed and look for the older man smiling in the background.

His client, Robinson Cano, is at the end of his current contract and the team is about to lose him because they won’t let Boras stick it to them again. The salty relationship between Boras and the Yankees hit a high point with the $275 million 10-year contract he secured for Alex Rodriguez in 2007. The A-Rod contract is why two things are going to happen: Cano will not be a Yankee in 2014 and Boras is one step closer to destroying the MLB.

The mess of the Rodriguez contract is so severe that the thought of giving another player a deal even close to it probably makes Hal Steinbrenner want to vomit. As great a player as Cano is, no one playing a game should make the money Boras gets for his clients. He is not the only one, but he is the man who started it all.

Cano may be a very good man, one who loves to play the game and lets people like Boras deal with the financial side, but does he hear what the Yankees are really saying?

The saddest part of this story is if Cano had the agent he did a few years ago, the deal with the Yankees would be done and he would still be one of the highest paid players in the game. This will be a very big problem in the negotiations between the two sides because the Yankees will not get robbed again by Boras.

Even though Cano should have at least five good years left as an elite player, and a few more as an above average player, the dilemma the Yankees face is that they have been down this road before and the team is just starting to feel the pain from that burn.

The real issue here isn’t the Yankees or Cano–it is Boras. Every move he makes, every contract he gets a team to sign raises the ceiling higher and soon enough it will be so high that it will break the game if someone or something doesn’t stop him.

Cano is out of the Bronx after the 2013 season and fans will be looking for someone or something to blame. They should not blame the Yankees or Cano. They should blame the man who is ruining the game.

It will be Boras and his insane demands for Cano that will force the Yankees’ hand. If Boras didn’t already stick it to Steinbrenner, he may give in, but there is no way the team will fall for this again.

Cano will get one of the largest contracts in baseball after the 2013 season and the MLB will be one step closer to complete destruction. When this happens, it will be easy to find the man responsible because he will be the older guy smiling in Cano’s photo with his new team.

Nik Swartz is the Featured Columnist for the New York Yankees. Follow him  on Twitter @Sweetnesz13

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