Texas Rangers Rumors: Martin Perez is out, Who Might Be In?

By Kyle McAreavy
Kyle Lohse
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

With Martin Perez out for the next two months the Texas Rangers have lost their favorite to fill the fifth spot in their rotation. The plan was to just fill it until Colby Lewis came back mid season but the Rangers don’t have any viable options left.

Realistically Lewis wasn’t a great option to begin with. He is definitely a five starter at best, and the Rangers need someone to be at the top of this rotation.

Perez’s injury brings back the point I have made multiple times this off-season about Kyle Lohse. He is a great option for this rotation. He would definitely be the leader and he should still be ready to start the season.

If Lohse signs this week he can realistically still be ready to start opening day but if he waits to much longer he will probably be missing time in the regular season. Lohse needs to sign soon and the Rangers are now in even more need for top of the line pitching.

This combination should work perfectly. Lohse wont be affected to much by the ballpark since he is a ground ball pitcher who knows how to keep the ball low, and he could even help young guys like Yu Darvish, Derek Holland and Matt Harrison to mature and really learn how to pitch.

Anybody that learned under Dave Duncan has the ability and knowledge to help other pitchers.

So just to recap of how many different ways this deal is perfect. Lohse needs to sign soon, the Rangers are in even more need of a starter, they have always needed a guy to lead this rotation and Lohse can help the other pitchers mature and grow. All these together makes this a cant miss deal to me.

I know it will be a lot of money for one year but the Rangers need to make this deal. NOW.

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