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Top Ten Reasons Why Justin Verlander Deserves $200 Million From Detroit Tigers

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Justin Verlander and his Impending Payday

The Impending Payday for Justin Verlander
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Recently, Detroit Tigers’ ace Justin Verlander was asked if he would like to be the first pitcher to sign a contract worth over $200 million. Now, it needs to be stated that that figure was not his idea, or him demanding that he be paid that much. It’s like if you were hypothetically offered a bag of hamburgers—you’re not demanding you be treated to that satchel of delicious mouth meats, but, if they were to offer it, you’re not going to turn it down.

Verlander has won a series of accolades since making is MLB debut in 2005. His name has become synonymous with consistency, stamina, and domination in the city of Detroit, as well as around the rest of the league. Like a ruthless, bloodthirsty Viking king, he has truly become a man who can cultivate fear and respect every time he steps onto the battlefield.

Verlander’s next contract, like any contract, carries risk—that’s undeniable. This is baseball, and every player could potentially suffer a career-ending injury at any point while competing. Plus, with a long-term contract, you carry even more risk. Factors like declining performance and complacency begin to factor in as it is impossible to know precisely what kind of player someone is going to be in a few years—just ask the New York Yankees about Alex Rodriguez or Carl Pavano.

So, like a young, fat, pre-diabetic child with a penchant for salty peanuts and caramel, Verlander is going to be seeking a payday, and, frankly, here are the top ten reasons Detroit should fork over $200 million after next season and make Justin Verlander a Tiger for life.

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Pitching Triple Crown Winner

Justin Verlander's Triple Crowns
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Verlander won the Pitching Triple Crown in 2011 when he led the American League in wins, ERA, and strikeouts. On a team like Detroit, in a pitchers’ park like Comerica, and with a strikeout pitch like Verlander has there’s no reason to think he can’t recapture it in the future.

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Verlander's Late Game Stamina

Stamina From Verlander Late in Games
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Verlander can still reach 100mph on the radar gun in the ninth inning—an uncommon feat that JV routinely make look easy.

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Hardware Verlander has Collected

Awards Justin Verlander has Won
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Verlander has already won one American League MVP and one American League Cy Young—the way he continues to dominate batters makes us all think he could easily win another one of each.

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Would Never Want To Play Against Verlander

Couldn't Stand Seeing Verlander on Another Team
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It would be disgusting, grotesque, and abhorrent to see Verlander suit up for any other team besides the Tigers. Vomiting out of anger would not even begin to describe my reaction if I ever had to see Verlander pitch against Detroit.

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If We Don't Pay Him, Someone Else Will

Need To Pay Verlander Before Someone Else Does
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In conjunction with the last remark, but, if the Tigers aren’t willing to pay JV what he feels he’s owed, look for the deep pockets of other organizations to try to make an offer.

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Verlander Had Been Cluch

Verlander Has Not Shyed Away From the Spotlight
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When the season is on the line, he is the guy you hand the ball to. Look at Game Five in Oakland last fall—Verlander threw 122 pitches in a complete game shutout. In short, Tigers fans trust him more to win big games than they trust their close family members with small amounts of money.

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The Promise of More No-Hitters

Verlander Has More No-Hitters in the Tank
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Through seven full seasons with the Tigers, Verlander has already thrown two no-hitters. You have to like his chances to add that to that total through the rest of his, already legendary, career.

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Always Gives the Detroit Tigers a Chance to Win

Verlander Can Always Win
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No matter what kind of horrific slide the Tigers may be in the midst of, Verlander gives us a great chance to win every five days. With Verlander pitching we become the favorite to beat any team in the league in a single game.

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Verlander Has Shown No Signs of Slowing Down

Verlander Not Looking to Slow Down
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Verlander is a stamina pitcher who takes care of himself. Last year, he led the American League in innings pitched and did not show any signs of fatigue come October. The way he has been able to remain dominant while eating up innings serves as a great indicator that he’s going to be playing for a long time.

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Verlander Will Be Immortalized in Detroit

Verlander is a Fixture in Detroit and Will be Remembered as a Legend
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Lastly, and really most importantly, Verlander is a once-in-a-generation pitcher who wants to be a Tiger for life and he deserves to be paid like it. Years from now, when we’re admiring the statue of Verlander behind center field at Comerica Park, we will view this contract as a bargain.