A Look At Boston Red Sox Potential Pitchers

By Art Eddy
Derick Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Spring Training allows a team to evaluate players to form a roster that can endure the long 162 game regular season. One area that is highly scrutinized is the pitching staff. For the Boston Red Sox, they have their ace, starters and closer, but there is a selection of great potential prospects the team can add to the regular season roster.

Here is a breakdown of some possible pitchers that could have an impact this season.

Allen Webster

Webster was part of the big trade that sent Josh Beckett, Adrian Gonzalez and others to the Los Angeles Dodgers. At age 23, Webster has been getting good reviews from the Boston pitching staff. He has three great pitches. His fastball clocks in between 93-98 mph. He also has a changeup and slider. Last year with the Dodgers, Webster was playing in the Double-A league and looks to start this season for the Red Sox playing in their minor league affiliate in Pawtucket as a middle-of-the-rotation starter.

Brian Johnson

Johnson does have some professional experience in the big league under his belt as he played in a handful of games last season. Johnson is a lefty and like Webster, has three main pitches. He has a curveball, changeup and a fastball with a speed topping off at 94 mph. Boston looks to have him start off in the South Atlantic League and looks to be a set up man or pitch in the back of the rotation.

Brandon Workman

This young pitcher is scheduled to play for the Portland Sea Dogs in the beginning of this season. Brandon has four pitches in his arsenal. Workman throws as 90 mph cutter, a 95 mph fastball, a changeup, and a curveball. The Red Sox named him the Minor League Pitcher of the Year last year, which is good for his confidence.

Alex Wilson

This right-handed pitcher seems to be having the role of the seventh-inning reliever. Wilson will play as for Pawtucket which will be his third c consecutive year with that team. His 95 mph fastball does see some command issues from time to time. He also has a slider and an average changeup. If he is able to fix his mechanics, he could see some playing time in Boston.

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