Arizona Diamondbacks Will Run out of Outfield Spots for A.J. Pollock

By David Miller


A.J. Pollock Diamondbacks
Liz Condo-USA TODAY Sports

The fact that the Arizona Diamondbacks traded outfielders away only to bring more in is a little confusing to some people. Whatever your opinion of their off-season moves, it’s hard to deny that they are stacked in the outfield positions. It’s not that they will have the best outfield in the major leagues, that honor will belong to someone else for sure. They just have too many for any of the young prospects to hope for a chance.

That will be the fate of A.J. Pollock this season. He has walked from single-A to triple-A ball with one step per season up until now. Sadly enough, now that Pollock is at the major league level and impressive in spring training, he just has no chance of seriously making the team unless a few people get injured. The fact is that he maybe could have had a decent chance at a rookie season to watch.

The good news is that Pollock isn’t exactly crying because of the fate of his first big chance at the big leagues. He isn’t intimidated at all by the existing talent the Diamondbacks have at the big level nor is he preoccupied with stressing about making the opening day roster. Pollock wants to play as well as he can and turn as many heads as he can but not by pressing. It is admirable in a young player and probably means he has a bright future  if the Diamondbacks ever make room for him.

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