Carlos Carrasco and Zach McAllister Won’t Win Rotation Spot

By David Miller
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Not everyone that is trying extra hard to do everything they can in order to win a starting rotation slot is going to get the job. That is just simple math and cold hard facts. The Cleveland Indians have a spot left and three men going for it. Those three men are Trevor Bauer, Zach McAllister and Carlos Carrasco. Bauer so far this spring seems to be likely choice in my eyes considering all of his tools and how great his upside could be.

Carrasco and McAllister likely will have to find a role with the team in another way or find their way back to the minors for another season. Bauer is just better at this point. Carrasco has a career era of well over four as does McAllister. These two just have their work cut out for them if they hope to outstep Bauer at this point. I’m not going to go as far as saying it’s not possible for Bauer to lose the spot and I don’t know the mind of Terry Francona.

Still I think at this point Bauer would have to lose it more than the other two could do something to win it. He has too much skill and the other guys clearly have more issues at the major league level than just control which is the only thing that has been a minor dark blot on Bauer’s limited major league time. He is well on his way this spring to getting that taken care of. If one of these guys is going to win a rotation spot, it should easily be Trevor Bauer.

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