Miami Marlins Rumors: Another Star Player Trade Coming?

By Michael Collins
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

There have been all sorts of rumors and speculation about Giancarlo Stanton being traded ever since the Miami Marlins traded away every valuable player (or expensive player) with the exception of Stanton and Ricky Nolasco. Marlins ownership has now said that no long-term offer will be made to the star right fielder this year. Could this mean that a trade involving Stanton is now in the works?

Not if you listen to Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria, who said the time to approach Stanton is “not this season”.

Stanton is not eligible for arbitration until after the 2013 season, so if the Marlins have any plans (or hopes) of keeping Stanton in the fold–which is doubtful–they need to do something to make sure he’s a deliriously happy in Miami. Ignoring the situation will only push Stanton into free agency and out of town.

If the Marlins opt to trade Stanton sooner than later, it would be to their benefit. If they aren’t going to sign him to a long term deal, then getting maximum value has to happen now, before Stanton gets close to free agency (and arbitration) and his price goes up, and value to other teams goes down.

When the Atlanta Braves made the deal to sign Justin Upton away from the Arizona Diamondbacks it hurt the Marlins chances of making a quick winter trade involving Stanton. The history of Loria and the franchise is that if they aren’t going to lock Stanton up by mid-season they will most likely trade him so as to get the most for a player with an expiring contract.

The one really suffering through all this is Stanton. He’s stuck (once again) on a team trying to build from the bottom up, and right now he’s the forgotten man through all the Marlins’ late and off-season purge. If Stanton can have a monster first half of the season he can essentially write his ticket to anywhere he’d like to be traded, especially if the team in question is loaded with talent in their farm system.

Either way, it looks like yet another promising young Marlins’ player will make the most of his career in another uniform.

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