MLB Rumors: New York Mets Are Still Pondering Trades to Boost Outfield

By Craig Moir
Brad Barr-USA Today Sports

It is no hidden fact that on paper, the New York Mets outfield would look better in a Triple-A uniform than roaming Citi Field.  I also do not like to go with “on paper” scenarios, as they sometimes come back to bite us in the rear.  But the latest MLB Rumors coming out of, the Mets blog, has them still actively looking for trades to boost this troubled position.

With the bone bruise injury to Kirk Nieuwenhuis, Mike Baxter not proving his worth, Marlon Byrd playing average and Lucas Duda finally waking up with the bat after a very slow start, the Mets outfield looks worse than what has been written.  It may not be a bad idea for the Mets to entertain any and all scenarios to bring in another player.

The Seattle Mariners and Oakland Athletics are the teams that have been linked to trades with the Mets.  Former Mets GM Joe McIlvaine was also seen watching the Mets game yesterday against the Atlanta Braves.  Is that a sign?  We all might hope so.

I have said it all along, if the Mets can get production out of Duda and Byrd, Nieuwenhuis and Collin Cowgill can stay healthy, and Matt den Dekker can provide a boost towards the middle of the year, they might be able to squeak by this season.

That is the rub when anyone looks strictly on paper what a player can do on the field.  GM Sandy Alderson will always talk trades and do what he needs to in order to improve his club.  Maybe trading for a  player like Chone Figgins, Coco Crisp or Franklin Gutierrez would be decent fits.  They would at the very least add some credibility to the Mets.

But the Mets are going to win or lose with pitching this year, and I am not sure if one more player in the outfield can make that big of a difference in 2013.  I call to see what the kids can do for the Mets over the course of a full season as long as their health allows.  Only then will any of us know exactly where we stand going further as the cavalry comes over from Las Vegas.

Rant” your thoughts in the comments section below about the state of the outfield and how Alderson should handle it moving forward.


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