New York Mets and Mike Piazza not on good terms

By Colin Greten
Debby Wong-USATODAY Sports

Mike Piazza is one of the most well-known and beloved New York Mets of all time. He gave the team some of its most memorable moments in its recent history. Piazza led the Mets to their first World Series appearance since their last championship in 1986. Although the team did not re-sign him after the 2005 season, Piazza left New York on good terms with the organization. Those good terms are no more apparently, as Mets owner Jeff Wilpon and Piazza’s relationship has deteriorated over the last few years.

Piazza was honored by the Mets on the final day of Shea Stadium in 2008, but has not been affiliated with the franchise much since. The twelve time All-Star recently released his autobiography, “Long Shot”, which reportedly has the Mets angry with his comments about the organization, specifically Wilpon. Piazza claims in the book that Wilpon encouraged him to play injured during a meaningless spring training game because the game was sold out.

No Met has worn Piazza’s number (31) since he left the team, despite the fact that the team has not retired it. Piazza is likely to make the Baseball Hall of Fame in the next year or two and has stated that he hopes to be enshrined as a Met. However, that does not mean that he will be in the Mets’ Hall of Fame in that same time frame. While the Baseball Hall of Fame is more prestigious, it would be a shame to not see Piazza in the team’s Hall of Fame because of personal issues that have nothing to do with him as a baseball player. The franchise and one of its best all time players should make amends, sooner rather than later.


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