Not So Bold Prediction: Lucas Harrell Will Be the Houston Astros' Best Pitcher

By Lee White
Houston Astros Lucas Harrell
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Among the Houston Astros and their fans, it is no secret that starting pitcher Lucas Harrell is a good starter. I am going out on a limb here, but if he were on a different National League team than the Astros, I believe he could have been the Rookie of The Year in the NL. At the very least, he would have gotten some consideration.

On a team that lost 107 games last season, Harrell had 11 wins with a 3.76 ERA. For a rookie to do that in what was the worst season in franchise history is pretty impressive. Last season, he was easily the Astros’ best pitcher. It won’t be a big surprise to me if that happens again in 2013.

Now, wins are not the best way to evaluate a pitcher. But they are something a lot of people look at. For any pitcher to have an even record with the Astros last season should be considered a pretty good record.

I’m going to make a not so bold prediction here. Lucas Harrell will easily be the Astros’ best pitcher this season. I witnessed what he did last year. He was a pretty darn good pitcher.

Here’s the crazy part: I think he will easily be better than he was last year, although not so much in record. He came out and said he was trying for 15 wins last season, then came up short, but I believe he will get at least 15 this year.

Since Harrell is under team control for so long, I don’t expect to see him get traded unless the offer is a good one. He could be with this team for a long time. He could also solidify himself as the ace of the Houston Astros. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


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