The Chicago Cubs Should Trade Carlos Marmol To The Detroit Tigers

By Stephanie Lynn
Jerry Lai- USA TODAY Sports

Amongst all the bad news the Chicago Cubs have received this Spring Training, there seems to be a ray of hope when it comes to getting rid of closing pitcher Carlos Marmol.

Marmol is in his final year of his contract with the Cubs, and it doesn’t seem likely that he’ll finish the 2013 season in Chicago. The pitcher has disappointed the team by blowing countless games over the years, so what do the Cubs do with him?

Trade him, of course.

The defending American League champs, the Detroit Tigers, are rumored to be looking for a closer to add to their bullpen. The Tigers were strong enough to make it to the World Series last year, but they have decided they need some extra help in the bullpen if they want to win it all. While the Tigers haven’t specifically said they’re interested in Marmol, they have announced that they need a closer, so the Cubs might as well try to offer them Marmol.

Okay, maybe the idea isn’t quite that simple, but it’s certainly not impossible.  Although Marmol’s negative qualities tend to stand out more than his positives, he actually has the potential to be a decent closer. He got his act together during the end of the 2012 season, striking out 66 batters and earning a 2.66 ERA in 44 innings of work. Those numbers should be something the Tigers take a look at when considering their options for a closer.

Marmol is known for his rough streaks, so why would the Tigers be interested in adding him to their roster?

Simple. One word: money.

As previously mentioned, Marmol is entering the final year of his contract with the Cubs and is expected to make $9.8 million this year. Considering the Cubs’ massive payroll, it would be a smart idea for them to pay the majority of Marmol’s contract, leaving Detroit to get him for a small price. And who knows? The Cubs may get a decent player from the Tigers in return.

The bottom line is that Marmol must go, no matter how much money it costs the Cubs. After 2012’s embarrassing season, they Cubs can’t risk carelessly losing games by allowing Marmol to walk in the winning run.


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