The Chicago White Sox Are the Best Team in the United States of America

By Bryan Lutz

Today was an interesting day for Chicago White Sox fans and fans of baseball in general. The WBC is right around the corner for the United States, so they decided to have a little exhibition with Chicago White Sox before business started to pick up. The match-up caught my eye for a couple of reasons: 1) I like the White Sox and 2) I really had no idea who was on the US roster, since I really do not care about the WBC. Coming into the game, I expected the White Sox to lose by 10, especially since Gavin Floyd was pitching. But something weird happened – – the game ended in a tie. Say what?

Oh, by the way, that tie was almost a loss. The US was losing 4-2 in the top of the 8th inning before Scott Snodgrass  – a pitcher who will not be on the 40-man roster in all likelihood – allowed two runs. How could a team filled with Major League all-stars tie a team who will likely be around the .500 mark? Actually, the answer is quite simple: baseball is so, so, so random.

This game isn’t enough to make me extremely optimistic about the White Sox, nor is it enough to hand the WBC crown to Japan for the third straight time. But it is pretty interesting that a regular team – in Spring Training no less – can tie an all-star team, and it is enough to dismiss my skepticism about this team for the time being.

Outside of the tie, other noteworthy performances include Paul Konerko celebrating his 37th birthday with three hits and a RBI. Gordon Beckham also had three hits for the White Sox, which is probably more shocking than the actual result of the game.

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