Chicago White Sox Have To Keep Close Eye On Chris Sale

By Andy Schmidt
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago White Sox didn’t waste any time bringing Chris Sale to the major league level, waiting just under two months after drafting him to get him to the highest level, and going one step further last season when they decided to make Sale a starting pitcher.

Sale finished 17-8 with a 3.05 ERA. It is going to be very important for the White Sox to keep an eye on Sale this season however, after having him pitch 192 innings in 2012.

Sale had thrown just 94 innings during his first two seasons before the big jump last season. There have been a lot of pitchers who have gotten hurt the year after a big jump in innings, and the White Sox have to be fearful of that happening. With Sale’s funky pitching motion, there must be some worrying going on even though nothing has happened to Sale yet.

There has been talk that the White Sox and Sale have discussed a contract extension and while that sounds like a great idea for both sides, I would be making sure that Sale makes it through a second straight year of starting effectively.

You can’t base someone’s value off one great season because anyone can have one great season and then fail for the rest of their career. I really hope Sale pitches just as well in 2013 than he has to start his career and can remain healthy in the process. I just believe that the jump in innings could come back to hurt Sale and the White Sox this season.

It is definitely something to be keeping a very close eye on during the 2013 season.

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