Is Detroit Tigers Pitcher Justin Verlander the Arnold Palmer of MLB?

By David Miller
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Recently Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander had a chance to meet golf legend Arnold Palmer. He tweeted a picture and said that he simply had to have a picture with the legendary golfer. Seeing the two of them made me think. They look completely different but what are the possible similarities between the way Palmer is viewed in the game of golf and how Verlander could be looked at in the game of baseball.

During his time in the game, Palmer was always one of the best golfers. There were other great ones at the time but his name lasted through the years. The reasons for that are surely widespread but I suspect one main factor is his consistency. Others were great in spurts but Palmer was steadily great year after year for a long period of time.

Compare that to Verlander. Going into the 2013 season it would be silly for anyone to argue that he isn’t one of the best pitchers in the game. There are some that have had better years recently and some have had worse. Those other names tend to go back and forth but the difference is Verlander is good to great every single season. Year in and year out he is the best or one of the best in baseball. He also seems to be in Cy-Young voting every season.

That consistency is what makes people still revere Palmer and his greatness in the game of golf. I think years from now Verlander’s will be a name that is spread around as one of the greats of his time. Maybe a young golfer who is a baseball fan will feel the need to tweet a picture of himself and an aged Justin Verlander thirty years from now.

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